How Gearbox motors help in achieving home automation

by Allen Queen
gearbox motors in home automation

Technological innovations continue to dictate how we carry out most of our daily routines. The fact that these innovations increase efficiency and flexibility makes it quite admirable. However, the most important factors when it comes to the adoption of technological innovations are Versatility and suitability. Versatility and suitability refer to the chances that the piece of innovation proves useful wherever it’s applied.

This is precisely where the use of gearbox motors in home automation comes into play. Home automation refers to the possibility of controlling every facet of your home via intuitive controlling equipment. In many ways, home automation helps reduce the amount of energy you spend moving around the house to control some of the facets of your home. Apart from the fact that it saves you from stress, automation in your home also means more sleekness. This article looks at some of those areas of your home where the use of gearbox motors proves useful In enhancing automation.

Sliding soundbar system

It’s almost difficult to imagine the interior of your living room without a sound woofer system in place to provide entertainment. However, these audio enhancing gadgets tend to take up more space than necessary. Gearbox motors are incorporated into Television systems via an integrated soundbar reduction module. It makes a lot of sense to have a functional television and sound-enhancing device in one frame as it helps conserve space. The soundbar is designed to slide inside and outside the television at the press of a remote button.

Intelligent elevator sockets

Electrical sockets are one of the most used household appliances, and this is mostly due to its vast importance. Gone are the days when your electrical have to stick out of the walls of your house. Surface sockets are not aesthetically pleasing, and they portend a considerable level of risk. Most fire cases occur as a result of mishaps that can be traced to the traditional types of sockets. Added to all of these risks, it’s also immovable, and this means most of your electronic appliances require to be tampered with. Elevator sockets offer practical solutions to all of these shortcomings that accompany the use of the traditional types of outlets. Using gear motor solutions, an intuitive elevator socket is equipped with a miniature planetary gearbox that allows it to slide inwards and outwards. The socket is remote-controlled; a simple tap on the remote makes it accessible for use.

Kitchen operations

The home automation appliances are limited to use in the living room as the application also extends to the kitchen sphere. Gearbox motors are incorporated into stressful kitchen operations like dishwashing and cooking. The dishwasher adopts a seamless approach to the process of cleaning dirty dishes via an automatic cleaning gearbox setup. Furthermore, the application of the motors also extends to a hot pot cooker where the technology helps in the separation of hot dishes from the soup.

Final thought

There’s so much that can be achieved with the use of innovative technological appliances. One such tool is the motor gear reducer; this article talks about some of its applications in the automation of homes.

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