Smart consulting services

by Allen Queen

Let’s tailor your own smart solution based on Closed-Loop Manufacturing.

Retrofit your own machining center.

No matter which machining center you are currently working with, we make it fit fot the 4th industrial revolution. By retooling your equipment with a state-of-the-art measurement sensor and new programming, you add intelligence to your machine and receive a closed-loop manufacturing machining center. Process optimization as optimum setting, material and design as well as operator training are included.

Closed-loop mold repair.

Molds are very expensive. The demand for their repair when damaged or worn is accordingly high. With the closed-loop manufacturing approach defects are easily detected and corrected in one process. How does it work:

1. An integrated measurement sensor quantifies the defect.

2. According to these results, repair material is added by an additive manufacturing method.

3. The sensor quantifies the added material.

4. Surplus material is removed by a subtractive machining method.

5. Final inspection verifies the successful repair.

Manufacturing automation.

Automated manufacturing relies on the use of computerized control systems to run a production facilit, thus, drastically reducing operator dependence. The intelligent system consisting of inter-linked CLM machines is able to handle both, the mechanical work and the scheduling of manufacturing tasks.

Interested in micro manufacturing?

What was your yesterday’s investment for the future, secures your survival today. What does tomorrow bring?

Let our experience guide you by bringing your company up to speed in an ever-changing environment driven by short life cycles. Don’t waste your time and money. Let us show you our pioneering technology.

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