Intelligent machines

by Allen Queen

High-resolution, non-contact 3D metrologyintegrated into precision EDM machines.

Right ingredients for advanced manufacturing.

Alicona Manufacturing brings the latest manufacturing generation to the next level through a unique combination of high resolution optical 3D measurement technology and automated machine programing. Based upon Smart Manufacturing Alicona Manufacturing is setting the trend of integrated manufacturing by offering a production system where components are measured directly inside the machine during the manufacturing process.

Closed-loop technology enables automated quality control.

The pioneering closed-loop technology allows miniaturized EDM components with complex geometries to be manufactured using continuous high resolution measurements for inspection.

The internal measurement evaluates possible deviations from the target geometry and reports them directly to the machine which eliminates the need to remove parts for measurement. Based upon the internal evaluation, the machine automatically modifies the process parameters for further manufacturing.

Integrated sensor eliminates clamping errors.

In comparison to traditional production, the modern approach consists of a closed loop. By integrating the measurement unit into the EDM machine the coordinate systems of the machining center and the optical sensor are not only the same. This also eliminates the need to unclamp and reclamp the EDM component for quality control.

4 times higher machining accuracy.

The new processing method with the closed loop machining – measuring – modifying – machining, where deviations to the target value are instantly recognized and corrected, has the potential to increase machining accuracy fourfold.

Resource savings by 25%.

Let’s say you only measure the first part and then produce a 100 pieces without measuring. But the parameters during the machining process could change the environment (e.g. temperature is affecting the position of the machine). Therefore, the operator has to stand next to the machine and watch like a parent.

With Closed-Loop Manufacturing the sensor head keeps track of what the machine is doing. The end result is that even if we add more time to measure, we basically get the job done faster with more throughput because only very little things are done twice. On top of this, you are not wearing your tools. There is no trade-off!

Better deployment of personnel.

Higher precision at less labour through automation with the confirmation based on the sensor. With Closed-Loop Manufacturing we allow the operator to make other decisions with his time. As a result the operator will be very efficient.

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